The Pure-Vu® EVS System is a single-use reusable device that easily fits on colonoscopes and gastroscopes along with a reusable Workstation to facilitate intra-procedural cleansing of the GI tract to improve visualization. It provides physicians support in addressing emergent or challenging endoscopies especially in GI bleeding and in therapeutic procedures where debris, including blood, blood clot, and other matter in the GI tract can impede visualization.

PURE-VU EVS has the potential to:

  • Address emergent patients sooner, expediting diagnosis and treatment
  • Reduce incidence of delayed, aborted, and incomplete upper endoscopies (EGD) and colonoscopies.
  • Reduce dependency on prep-regimes.
  • Increase quality of EGDs and colonoscopies in inadequately prepped patients and decrease follow-up intervals.


poor bowel prep


clear visualization of the colon
colonoscope oversleeve

Flex Channel

Pure-Vu System


What Is the Impact of Improper Bowel Preparation?

Many patients, including high acuity and frail inpatients with multiple comorbidities, are challenged with completing their colonoscopy prep.

Suboptimal bowel preparation can have a devastating impact on the effectiveness of colonoscopies, resulting in increased adenoma miss rates, delayed diagnosis, and extended hospital stays driving up hospital costs and interfering with quality care. Your facility and its patients deserve more.

Lower GI Bleeds

Severe Anemia

Abdominal Pain



Lower GI Bleeds

Severe Anemia

Abdominal Pain


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Admitted to
ED With Lower
GI Bleed

Hospital Bed arrow

Bed Occupied
While Patient
Bowel Preps

Poor Prep Requires Patient to Restart 24hr Process and Potentially Repeat Examination

insufficiently prepped bowel
Bowel Prep Solution arrow check mark

24 Hr Clear
Liquid Diet and
4L Potent Prep

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GI Bleed



The Pure-Vu EVS system facilitates improved clinical outcomes for patients by reducing time to a successful, quality colonoscopy to expedite diagnosis and treatment. It significantly contributes to bed turnover rates by minimizing delayed and aborted procedures for both inpatients and high medical need outpatients. In addition, it enables physicians to overcome challenging clinical cases by reliably and predictably moving patients through the hospital system to a successful examination.

Potentially Reduce Dependency on Pre-procedural Bowel Prep2

A recent study has shown that the Pure-Vu system may potentially reduce the dependency on pre-procedural bowel preparation. A group of patients were purposely inadequately prepped, but still achieved a perfect and near-perfect Boston Bowel Prep Scale (BBPS) rating as a result of Pure-Vu.

study to improve quality of colonoscopy BBPS Score Chart
BBPS Before and After Pure-Vu bar bar bar bar numbers
BBPS Score Before and After Pure-Vu bar bar bar bar numbers

The Economic Benefits of Pure-Vu

Inadequate bowel preparation increases the cost of care driven by longer Length of Stay (LOS) and additional testing, and results in missed revenue generation from delayed turnover. Pure-Vu is designed to allow patients with inadequate bowel prep to be treated without increased LOS, therefore avoiding increased costs and delayed bed turnover.

patient icon
Patient Scenario
Potential Patient/Day Economic Impact Delayed Procedures With Pure-Vu Per Patient,
Per Day Impact
Increase in Length of Stay (Days) 1 0 0
Increased Cost of Care per Day1,2 ($2,298) ($975) $1,322
Additional Hospital Revenue per Day2 $0 $2,196 $2,196
Capital Equipment ROI Model
Amortized Cost per Year $22,833
Quantity of Procedures to Break-Even 7

1. Does not include costs of additional testing/other hospital costs
2. Medicare payment based on CMS MedPar report using average per hospitalization payment in 2016 across all DRGs. For commercial patients, MedPAC Report to Congress in 2017 reported payments are 100% greater relative to Medicare. It was assumed that 35% of patients have commercial insurance. The length of stay is based on same DRGs used to estimate average payment. - Inflation adjusted to 2018 USD. Based on 2014 National Inpatient Sample (NIS) and literature for ICU cost per day (Data 2005).

The information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and represents no statement, promise, or guarantee by MOTUSGI of the levels of reimbursement, payment, or charges. Each provider’s values may differ. For more information about the procedure, indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions, please contact MOTUSGI or consult the complete Instructions for Use (IFU).


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