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Pure-Vu System by MOTUS GI

The Pure-Vu System from MOTUS GI is designed to clean a poorly prepped colon during the colonoscopy procedure, which may reduce the dependency on a successful pre-procedural prep regimen to gain clear visualization of the colon mucosa.

Pulsed Vortex Irrigation Technology Clears the Way

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. Yet, it has also proven to be one of the most preventable cancers due to early detection through colonoscopies. In order for colonoscopies to be optimally effective, a patient’s colon needs to be thoroughly cleansed before the the physician examines the colon mucosa. A poorly prepped colon can result in poor visualization and—in some cases—an inability to complete the procedure. The Pure-Vu System by MOTUS GI has been designed to connect to standard colonoscopes to help facilitate intra-procedural cleaning of a poorly prepared colon by irrigating and evacuating the bowel contents to ensure clear visualization.

Pure-Vu Workstation

Pure-Vu Disposable