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Pure-Vu: Facilitating a Clear Field of Vision

In order for a colonoscopy to be optimally effective, the colon needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the physician examines the colon. This is the only way the physician can have a clear view and see potential areas of concern. So, what happens if the prep hasn’t adequately cleaned the colon? Before Pure-Vu, the patient would have to schedule a new appointment and undergo the prep and procedure once again. But Pure-Vu is designed to help with that.

With Pure-Vu, the physician can further clean the colon during the colonoscopy procedure.

The system uses fluid and air to loosen and remove any remaining fecal material.

Once the cleansing process is completed, the physician will have a clearer view of the colon during the colonoscopy procedure.

How It Works

The Pure-Vu System from MOTUS GI cleans the colon through irrigation and evacuation of the bowel contents, clearing the way for the endoscopist to perform a higher-quality examination—even when the patient did not complete a successful prep on his or her own.

The Pure-Vu System consists of a disposable component and a workstation controller.

The disposable over-sleeve fits easily over standard colonoscopes without interfering with the working channel, allowing the physician to clean and then visualize, diagnose and, if necessary, treat an inadequately prepped colon.

The workstation controls a novel irrigation technology that creates a pulsed mixture of water and air to loosen material and an efficient evacuation cycle with auto-purge technology to prevent clogging and effectively remove considerable colon content.


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Colonoscope with Pure-Vu

Pure-Vu System by MOTUS GI

The Pure-Vu System from MOTUS GI is designed to clean a poorly prepped colon during the colonoscopy procedure, which may reduce the dependency on a successful pre-procedural prep regimen to gain clear visualization of the colon mucosa.

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