Pure-Vu® System

Pure-Vu® System

The Pure-Vu® System – Improving the Colonoscopy Experience

The Pure-Vu® System is a 510(k) US Food and Drug Administration cleared medical device indicated for cleaning a poorly prepped colon during the colonoscopy procedure, thus decreasing the dependency on pre-procedural prep regimens to achieve a thorough colonoscopy. The device fits over most standard colonoscopes, allowing the physician to clean poorly-prepped colons in a safe and effective manner to gain clear visualization of the colon mucosa.

How It Works

The Pure-Vu® System uses a precise mixture of water and air to loosen debris from the colon mucosa while simultaneously evacuating the bowel contents, clearing the way for the endoscopist to perform a high-quality examination, even when the patient is not fully clean prior to their procedure.

The Pure-Vu® Controller

The Pure-Vu® Controller

  • Pulsed irrigation mixture of air and water effectively loosens significant colon content
  • Proprietary sensing technology prevents clogging during evacuation
  • System easily activated via foot pedal
The Pure-Vu® Sleeve

The Pure-Vu® Sleeve

  • Easily fits over most standard colonoscopes
  • Low friction hydrophilic coating facilitates smooth advancement
  • Simple set-up fits easily into workflow
  • Multiple irrigation jets efficiently clean the mucosal surface
  • Two evacuation ports significantly increase removal of colon content
  • Single use disposable

Product Brochure

Prior to use, refer to the Instructions for Use supplied with this device.

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