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How It Works

The Pure-Vu System from MOTUS GI cleans the colon through irrigation and evacuation of the bowel contents, clearing the way for the endoscopist to perform a higher-quality examination—even when the patient did not complete a successful prep on his or her own.

The Pure-Vu System consists of a disposable component and a workstation controller.

The disposable fits easily over standard colonoscopes without interfering with the working channel, allowing the physician to clean and then visualize, diagnose and, if necessary, treat an inadequately prepped colon.

The workstation controls an irrigation technology that creates a pulsed mixture of water and air to loosen material and an efficient evacuation cycle with auto-purge technology to prevent clogging and effectively remove considerable colon content.

Quick Set-Up and Easy to Use

  • Simple set-up
  • Easily integrates with existing colonoscopes and workflow

Efficiently Cleans Poorly Prepped Colon to Improve Visualization

  • Pulsed vortex to loosen colon content
  • Auto-purge technology prevents clogging during evacuation


Irrigation Line
& Pump
Evacuation Lines
& Pumps

Foot Pedal

Pure-Vu Disposable

The Pure-Vu System has been designed to provide the following potential benefits in poorly prepped patients:


  • Increase the likelihood of procedural success.
  • Reduce the risk of repeat colonoscopy.
  • Improve the overall colonoscopy experience.


  • Provide fast, safe, and consistent intra-procedural cleansing that helps improve the quality of mucosal visualization.
  • Reduce the time from In-patient presentation to diagnosis.

Administrators & Facilities

  • Reduce the time and cost of In-patient management.
  • Reduce procedural delays, failed procedures and other issues related to poor patient compliance with prep.